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Paper Diary
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Workplace Investigations

Workplace investigations are an integral element of  discovering, resolving, and minimizing the recurrence of workplace misconduct. The Turner Group is adept at complex workplace investigations involving allegations of:

  • Fraud and Waste

  • Theft

  • Bullying Complaints

  • Misconduct

  • Neglect of Duties

  • Violations of Work Rules or Policies

  • Neglect of Duty

  • Other Workplace Issues

  • Insubordination, Incompetency and Immorality

Our Approach

While common threads are presented in every investigative strategy, we will develop an individualized strategy for each matter.  Our Investigative team is well versed in federal and state laws, forensic interview techniques, and uphold the underlying principles of fairness and impartiality.  

before the investigation

Before the Investigation, a preliminary review is conducted. This intake includes a review of the allegations and initial collection of documentation, the identification  of  credible sources of data and testimony, and the potential impact of the incident. Once the preliminary review has been conducted, the team  will map out a proposed  investigative plan and determine the necessary resources, timeline and scope of the investigation, which will be tailored to the specific incident. The investigative plan and timeline will be shared.  

during the investigation

During an investigation, the investigator will typically take the following steps: gather relevant documents including governing policies, regulations and protocols; interview witnesses and named parties; view video evidence should it exist; and, visit the site of the alleged incident, when appropriate. Our investigators who remain unbiased, professional, and objective throughout the process will exhaust all reasonable efforts to ensure a meticulous and rigorous gathering and review of relevant information

after the investigation

After the investigation has been completed, a investigative report will be prepared. The report will be thorough, clear, and concise in its presentation of the facts. The report will also provide an overview of the facts and findings of the investigation, and any relevant recommendations or actions to be taken, including, when appropriate, those related to potential systemic risks or concerns. The report will be distributed in the agreed upon manner. With this information, decision makers will be able to make well-informed decisions about next steps, including disciplinary action where warranted. 

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