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Business Meeting

Heading 4

Legal Consultant

Outside Counsel Management

  • Assist in maximizing external legal services through tested billing practices 

  • Identify appropriate candidates and select the best lawyers and firms for your your needs using RFPs, competitive bidding, sole source and qualitative-based techniques 

  • Develop a process for evaluating outside counsel using key metrics and other sources 

  • Serve on interview panel

Business Team

Inaugural Law Office Setup

Through a thorough assessment of operational and legal needs, K12Education Group will determine appropriate staffing, content expertise and peak efficiency, by reviewing and assessing: 

  • Organizational structure 

  • Internal/External counsel mix 

  • Funding needs and cost controls 

  • Client services 

  • Management tools 

  • Best practices 

Legal Consultant

Legal Department Audit

  • Conduct independent audit of legal operations and legal files

  • Examine efficiencies and provide independent assessments

  • Advise on how to reduce optimize staff and tangible  resources

  • Promote economy and efficiency by realigning resources

  • Create office procedures manual

  • Assist with technology and document management

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